How Well Do You Know Your Car's Braking System?

How Well Do You Know Your Car's Braking System? - D2P Autoparts

A car is an intriguing machine that brings together different auto parts such as transmission, braking systems, suspensions and engine. Whereas the transmission is mainly concerned with accelerating and propelling the car forward at a greater speed, the objective of the suspension is to provide a smoother driving experience to the driver. One of the other key components is the braking system. It is extremely important that your braking system is in top condition. The maintenance of the brakes is important because any faults in the breaks can be potentially hazardous.  Which as we all know serves to stop the car. Here’s everything you need to know about the braking system.

Car Braking Systems Explained: 

The braking system uses the science of friction. Friction is the resistance created by the various components within a braking system to halt the motion of the vehicle. It is important to keep your braking system absolutely faultless and in immaculate condition. Any seemingly minor issue with the braking system can have bigger implications. It can also considerably jeopardize your safety and security. It is of utmost importance that due care and caution is taken to secure and safeguard the life of your loved ones.
The breaks are tuned and conditioned to function optimally. They should be adjusted in a way so as to provide optimum levels of efficiency. If the breaks are too weak, it can pose clear dangers such as delayed halting of the vehicle which can cause collisions. Interestingly, if the breaks are too efficient and smooth. They can cause abrupt braking, which can also cause accidents and collisions. In worst cases, it has been observed that the passenger ends up hitting the front seat. Thus, the braking system should be mechanized to provide controlled halting and forestalling of the vehicle. The three main types of breaks used in vehicles are as follows:

  1. Mechanical brakes

  2. Hydraulic brakes

  3. Air Brakes and related type of brakes 

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