Why Are Car Door Locks So Important?

Why Are Car Door Locks So Important? - D2P Autoparts

Door locks act as the first line of defense against thieves and intruders. Your car is one of your most important assets, so you have to protect it as well.

You can’t hire a security guard to protect your car, and it’s not possible to keep an eye on it—that’s why door locks are put in place by the vehicle manufacturers. In addition to protecting your car against intruders, door locks provide safety while driving by keeping the door firmly closed.

The type of door lock & components fitted inside the door lock depends on your vehicle's manufacturer, make, and vehicle model. If you own a car, then it’s extremely important to keep it properly maintained. A part of car maintenance work requires you to keep its door locks & components perfectly smooth.

Let’s look into the door parts, door locks & components inside a car door lock, and why it’s important to look after them.

Car Door Locks & Components

The locking system of a car ensures that only authorized persons can access the inside of the vehicle. Usually, cars have a central locking system with the following components:

Door handle

The door handle is the most used component of a door lock. Typically, we use the door handle to unlock the car from outside or inside. It’s also responsible for enabling us to lock the door.

Different cars have different types of door handles. However, the external door handle houses the door lock. Depending on the make, model, price, and overall design of the vehicle, the door handle might be simple or elegantly designed with a chrome-plated design. Some extravagant and luxury cars have extremely appealing door handles.

Door lock/actuator

This is the main part of the door lock & components responsible for locking & unlocking are fitted inside the door. Previously, cars used to have a mechanical system comprises of steel wires without a motor. However, modern cars have very sophisticated central locking systems. The door lock contains the latch and an electrical motor controlling the central locking system.

The latch is responsible for opening and closing the door while the motor controls the locks. In modern vehicles, all latches are controlled by electrical drives or motors.

Fuel filler cap

The fuel filler cap is an important part of the central locking system—older or low-priced vehicles used to be without locks. However, the fuel filler caps in modern vehicles come with a lock. The lock inside a fuel filler cap is either controlled from inside the vehicle, or a key is used to open the lock.


Central locking systems use a transponder that’s integrated inside the key. That’s how the system identifies whether the right key is inserted inside the lock or not. Modern vehicles come with an electronic immobilizer, ensuring that the car is accessed by authorized persons only. When the key is inserted, the system reads the transponder, and if the code is correct, the engine starts. Otherwise, you can’t start the engine.

Remote control

Remote control locks are replacing the conventional car locks. Instead of using keys, remotes are used to control car locks & components. Remote control locks work by transmitting radio signals. A signal transmitter inside the remote sends coded instructions in the form of radio waves, and the receiver inside the vehicle receives and interprets the signals. If the remote transmits the correct signals, the system will unlock the car.

Today, car locks & components inside the lock are the same across the majority of vehicles. Some luxury or high-priced vehicles may have a more sophisticated and technologically advanced locking system. However, budget cars have the same door parts, auto parts, and door locks 7 components.

Functions Of Door Locks

Undoubtedly, door locks are highly crucial to your vehicle’s safety and protection. Improperly working door locks mean that your vehicle is at the mercy of intruders and thieves. Let’s see some important functions and benefits that door locks provide.


Door locks are the first line of defense against car thieves. Modern locks are highly sophisticated, which makes it hard for thieves to break into your car. When working in conjunction with an alarm system, door locks become much more effective and work as a strong deterrent against thieves. Having perfectly working door locks & components ensures optimal protection of your vehicle.


Door locks & components inside the vehicle authorize access to owners only. When the lock is operated by remote control and an unauthorized person tries to get into your vehicle by breaking the door, the engine locks itself and ensures that the intruder can’t start the engine. Without remote control, the intruder can’t unlock the engine.

Protection against fire

In case of accidents, the fuel filler caps lock prevents fuel from spilling out of the tank. If the fuel spill out, it can result in a fire that will damage the environment. Hence, it won’t be false to say that locking systems protect the environment as well.

Why Is It Important To Look After Door Locks & Components Inside The Lock?

If you own a vehicle, looking after the door parts, door locks & components inside it, and overall auto parts is one of the most important things you can do to keep your vehicle protected. To ensure that your vehicle’s door parts, door locks & components inside it work properly, make sure to look after them regularly.

The following reasons require you to look after the door locks in your cars.

Door locks are exposed to debris, humidity, dust

If you use your vehicle for traveling to your work and drive it daily, it means that your vehicle is constantly exposed to environmental factors. The outside environment includes dust, humidity, and debris. All these things are potentially damaging to door parts and other auto parts. Therefore, you must give a thorough cleaning to the door locks & components inside it regularly. If you keep the debris and dust inside the lock for a long time, it won’t take too long for your door lock to jammed.

To save yourself from sudden breakdowns, make sure that you clean the door parts and lock parts properly.

Sudden breakdowns can cause serious inconvenience

Let’s say you are going on a highway and stop at a fuel station to visit the toilet. When you come back from the toilet, the door lock is jammed. Imagine the inconvenience it would cause. However, you can save yourself from such bad experiences. All you need is to take care of the door parts, door lock & components inside it. Proper maintenance and care increase the lifecycle of auto parts and prevent repairs and breakdowns.

How To Look After Auto Parts And Door Locks?

The first thing you need to do is protect your vehicle from debris, humidity, and sun. Long exposure to these environmental factors causes rust and damage the parts.

Clean the door locks & components inside the door properly. All you need is a damp fabric and a screwdriver to clean the lock. Wrap the piece of fabric around the screwdriver, insert it inside the lock, and remove the debris. Lubrication is another way to look after the door clocks & components inside it.

We hope that this guide proves helpful, and you learn the importance of looking after the auto parts and door locks of your vehicle.


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