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Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor For C-Class, Clk, E-Class, M-Class, Slk, Sprinter, V-Class & Vito 0280217117

Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor For C-Class, Clk, E-Class, M-Class, Slk, Sprinter, V-Class & Vito 0280217117

Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor For C-Class, Clk, E-Class, M-Class, Slk, Sprinter, V-Class & Vito 0280217117

Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor For C-Class, Clk, E-Class, M-Class, Slk, Sprinter, V-Class & Vito 0280217117

£24.99 INC VAT | Free UK Delivery

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£24.99 INC VAT | Free UK Delivery

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OEM Part Numbers :

0000940948, 0000941448, 0000941948, A0000940948, 0280217117, 0280217114, 0280217114

Length : 182 mm, Width : 165 mm, Height : 125 mm, Number of Poles : 5 , Connector Shape : D- Shape, Voltage : 12 V



If you are not sure about the part fitment to your vehicle,  please supply your VIN number Or REG NO we will check it for you!

Compatibility Chart is for the reference only. The best way to check compatibility is to check the Part Number on your old unit if possible.

Please check the picture or part No. before placing an order


Our SKU: TM0280217114
For the Following Cars :

Mercedes-BenzC-Class1994-2000W202 SaloonC 1801799ccm 121HP 89KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class1993-2000W202 SaloonC 1801799ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class1994-2000W202 SaloonC 2001998ccm 136HP 100KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class1998-2000W202 SaloonC 200 CDi2151ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class1995-2000W202 SaloonC 200 Kompressor1998ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class1996-2000W202 SaloonC 200 Kompressor1998ccm 192HP 141KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class1997-2000W202 SaloonC 220 CDi2151ccm 125HP 92KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class1996-1997W202 SaloonC 2302295ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class1995-2000W202 SaloonC 230 Kompressor2295ccm 193HP 142KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class1995-2000W202 SaloonC 250 Turbo D2497ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class T-Model1996-2000S202 EstateC 180 T1799ccm 122HP 90KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class T-Model1996-2001S202 EstateC 200 T1998ccm 136HP 100KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class T-Model1998-2001S202 EstateC 200 T CDi2151ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class T-Model1996-2001S202 EstateC 200 T Kompressor1998ccm 192HP 141KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class T-Model1997-2001S202 EstateC 220 T CDi2151ccm 125HP 92KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class T-Model1996-1998S202 EstateC 230 T2295ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class T-Model1997-2000S202 EstateC 230 T Kompressor2295ccm 193HP 142KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzC-Class T-Model1996-2001S202 EstateC 250 T Turbo D2497ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzCLK1998-2002A208 Convertible2001998ccm 136HP 100KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzCLK2000-2002A208 Convertible200 Kompressor1998ccm 163HP 120KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzCLK1998-2000A208 Convertible200 Kompressor1998ccm 192HP 141KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzCLK1998-2000A208 Convertible230 Kompressor2295ccm 193HP 142KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzCLK2000-2002A208 Convertible230 Kompressor2295ccm 197HP 145KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzCLK1997-2002C208 Coupe2001998ccm 136HP 100KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzCLK2000-2002C208 Coupe200 Kompressor1998ccm 163HP 120KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzCLK1997-2000C208 Coupe200 Kompressor1998ccm 192HP 141KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzCLK1997-2000C208 Coupe230 Kompressor2295ccm 193HP 142KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzCLK2000-2002C208 Coupe230 Kompressor2295ccm 197HP 145KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzE-Class1995-2000W210 SaloonE 2001998ccm 136HP 100KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzE-Class1997-2002W210 SaloonE 200 Kompressor1998ccm 186HP 137KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzE-Class1995-1997W210 SaloonE 2302295ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzE-Class T-Model1996-2000S210 EstateE 200 T1998ccm 136HP 100KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzE-Class T-Model1997-2003S210 EstateE 200 T Kompressor1998ccm 186HP 137KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzE-Class T-Model1996-1997S210 EstateE 230 T2295ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzM-Class1998-2005W163 SUVML 2302295ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLK1996-2000R170 Convertible2001998ccm 136HP 100KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLK1996-2000R170 Convertible200 Kompressor1998ccm 192HP 141KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLK1996-2000R170 Convertible230 Kompressor2295ccm 193HP 142KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter1996-20064-t Box4142295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter1995-20064-t Platform/Chassis4142295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter1997-20064-t Platform/Chassis414 4×42295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter1995-2006901, 902 Box2142295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter2000-2006901, 902 Box214 NGT2295ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
Mercedes-BenzSprinter1995-2006901, 902 Bus2142295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter2000-2006901, 902 Bus214 NGT2295ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
Mercedes-BenzSprinter1995-2006901, 902 Platform/Chassis2142295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter2000-2006901, 902 Platform/Chassis214 NGT2295ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
Mercedes-BenzSprinter1995-2006903 Box3142295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter2002-2006903 Box314 4×42295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter2000-2006903 Box314 NGT2295ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
Mercedes-BenzSprinter1995-2006903 Bus3142295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter2002-2006903 Bus314 4×42295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter2000-2006903 Bus314 NGT2295ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
Mercedes-BenzSprinter1995-2006903 Platform/Chassis3142295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter2002-2006903 Platform/Chassis314 4×42295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSprinter2000-2006903 Platform/Chassis314 NGT2295ccm 125HP 92KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
Mercedes-BenzV-Class1997-2003638/2 MPVV 2001998ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzV-Class1999-2003638/2 MPVV 200 CDi2151ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzV-Class1999-2003638/2 MPVV 220 CDi2151ccm 122HP 90KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzV-Class1996-2003638/2 MPVV 2302295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVito1997-2003638 Box113 2.01998ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVito1997-2003638 Box114 2.32295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVito1996-2003638 Bus113 2.01998ccm 129HP 95KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVito1996-2003638 Bus114 2.32295ccm 143HP 105KW (Petrol)

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