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Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor 6A906461B, Afh6010C For Audi, Seat, Skoda &Amp; Vw 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5 Syncro

Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor 6A906461B, Afh6010C For Audi, Seat, Skoda &Amp; Vw 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5 Syncro

Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor 6A906461B, Afh6010C For Audi, Seat, Skoda &Amp; Vw 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5 Syncro

Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor 6A906461B, Afh6010C For Audi, Seat, Skoda &Amp; Vw 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5 Syncro

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£26.99 INC VAT | Free UK Delivery

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OEM Part Numbers :

6A906461B, 06A906461B, AFH6010C, 06A906461BV, 06A906461BX, 6A906461BX, 6A906461BV

Length : 182 mm, Width : 165 mm, Height : 125 mm, Number of Poles : 4-Pin Connector, Connector Shape : D-Shape



If you are not sure about the part fitment to your vehicle,  please supply your VIN number Or REG NO we will check it for you!

Compatibility Chart is for the reference only. The best way to check compatibility is to check the Part Number on your old unit if possible.

Please check the picture or part No. before placing an order


Our SKU: TVW06A906461B
For the Following Cars :

AudiA31996-20038L1 Hatchback1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
AudiA32000-20038L1 Hatchback1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
AudiA41994-20008D2, B5 Saloon1.61595ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
AudiA42000-20008D2, B5 Saloon1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
AudiA41994-20018D5, B5 Estate1.61595ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
AudiA42000-20018D5, B5 Estate1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
AudiA42000-20048E2, B6 Saloon1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
AudiA42001-20048E5, B6 Estate1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
AudiA42004-20088EC, B7 Saloon1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
AudiA42004-20088ED, B7 Estate1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
AudiQ52008-20198RB SUV3.2 FSI quattro3197ccm 270HP 199KW (Petrol)
SeatCordoba1999-20026K2 Saloon1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
SeatCordoba Vario1999-20026K5 Estate1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
SeatExeo2009-20103R2 Saloon1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
SeatExeo ST2009-20103R5 Estate1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
SeatIbiza1999-2002MK III Hatchback1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
SeatLeon1999-20061M1 Hatchback1.61595ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
SeatLeon2005-20061M1 Hatchback1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
SeatToledo1998-2004MK II Saloon1.61595ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
SkodaOctavia I1997-20071U2 Hatchback1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
SkodaOctavia I2000-20101U2 Hatchback1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
SkodaOctavia I1998-20071U5 Estate1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
SkodaOctavia I2000-20101U5 Estate1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
SkodaSuperb I2001-20083U4 Saloon2.01984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWBora1998-20051J2 Saloon1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VWBora2000-20051J2 Saloon1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
VWBora2000-20051J2 Saloon1.8 T1781ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
VWBora1999-20051J6 Estate1.61595ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VWBora2000-20051J6 Estate1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
VWGolf1999-2002MK IV Estate1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2000-2006MK IV Estate1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
VWGolf1997-2004MK IV Hatchback1.61595ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2000-2005MK IV Hatchback1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
VWNew Beetle2003-20101Y7 Convertible1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
VWNew Beetle1999-20009C1, 1C1 Hatchback1.61595ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VWNew Beetle2000-20109C1, 1C1 Hatchback1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
VWPassat1996-20003B2 Saloon1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VWPassat2000-20053B3 Saloon1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
VWPassat2000-20053B3 Saloon2.01984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWPassat2000-20053B3 Saloon2.0 4motion1984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWPassat1997-20003B5 Estate1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VWPassat2000-20053B6 Estate1.61595ccm 102HP 75KW (Petrol)
VWPassat2000-20053B6 Estate2.01984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWPassat2000-20053B6 Estate2.0 4motion1984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWPolo1997-20016KV5 Estate1.61595ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol)
VWPolo Classic1995-20016KV2 Saloon100 1.61595ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter1996-2003MK IV Box2.52461ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter1996-2003MK IV Box2.5 Syncro2461ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter1996-2003MK IV Platform/Chassis2.52461ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter1996-2003MK IV Platform/Chassis2.5 Syncro2461ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter/Caravelle1996-2003MK IV Bus2.52461ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter/Caravelle1996-2003MK IV Bus2.5 Syncro2461ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)

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