Genuine DUPONT Hybrid Wiper Blade 609mm/24″

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50 in stock


Cars : Fiat , Mercedes-Benz , Renault , Toyota

OEM Part Numbers :

TP12024, P12024

Genuine DUPONT Hybrid Wiper Blade 609mm/24″
DuPont Hybrid Wiper Blades – the latest innovation in wiper blade technology
Trustworthy selling brand
DuPont Hybrid Wiper Blades have a “Smart” design that evenly disperses wiper arm pressure outward across the entire blade
and actively responds to the windshield’s shape to maintain complete wiper blade contact and optimum visibility.
Fitting Position : Hybrid comes with various connectors
The Hybrid Design Makes It Easier To Wipe Your Windshield
Smooth aerodynamic
No sealing
Can be installed in a few minutes
Length : 24″/609mm/60cm
Quantity : 1
Our EAN – 6930570920245
Our SKU : TP12024_313

This is a High Quality After Market Part

From OEM Manufacturer

If you are not sure about the part fitment to your vehicle,  please supply your VIN number Or REG NO we will check it for you!

Compatibility Chart is for the reference only. The best way to check compatibility is to check the Part Number on your old unit if possible.

Please check the picture or part No. before placing an order

Our SKU: TP12024
For the Following Cars :

Fiat500312_ [2007-2016] Hatchback2007-20131.3 D Multijet1248ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
Fiat500312_ [2007-2019] Hatchback2007-20191.21242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol)
Fiat500312_ [2007-2019] Hatchback2007-20191.41368ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Box2004-20111.21242ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Box2010-20121.21242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Box2004-20111.2 4×41242ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Box2010-20121.2 LPG1242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG))
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Box2007-20091.2 Natural Power1242ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Box2004-20111.3 D Multijet1248ccm 70HP 51KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Box2006-20111.3 D Multijet1248ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Box2009-20121.4 Natural Power1368ccm 78HP 57KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2003-20111.11108ccm 54HP 40KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2003-20111.21242ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2010-20121.21242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2004-20111.2 4×41242ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2009-20121.2 4×41242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2009-20121.2 LPG1242ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG))
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2010-20121.2 LPG1242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG))
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2007-20111.2 Natural Power1242ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2003-20111.3 D Multijet1248ccm 70HP 51KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2004-20111.3 D Multijet 4×41248ccm 70HP 51KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2010-20121.3 D Multijet 4×41248ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2006-20111.41368ccm 100HP 74KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda169 [2003-2016] Hatchback2010-20121.4 Natural Power1368ccm 78HP 57KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
FiatPanda169 [2003-2019] Box2009-20191.2 LPG1242ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG))
FiatPanda169 [2003-2019] Hatchback2006-20191.3 D Multijet1248ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda169_ [2003-2012] Box2004-20061.3 D Multijet 4×41248ccm 70HP 51KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda169_ [2003-2016] Box2006-20121.3 D Multijet 4×41248ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda169_ [2003-2019] Box2010-20191.2 4×41242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda312 [2012-2019] Hatchback2012-20190.9875ccm 78HP 57KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda312 [2012-2019] Hatchback2012-20190.9875ccm 86HP 63KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda312 [2012-2019] Hatchback2013-20190.9964ccm 60HP 44KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda312 [2012-2019] Hatchback2012-20190.9 4×4875ccm 86HP 63KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda312 [2012-2019] Hatchback2012-20190.9 Natural Power875ccm 86HP 63KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
FiatPanda312 [2012-2019] Hatchback2012-20191.21242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda312 [2012-2019] Hatchback2012-20191.2 LPG1242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG))
FiatPanda312 [2012-2019] Hatchback2012-20191.3 D Multijet1248ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda312 [2012-2019] Hatchback2012-20191.3 D Multijet 4×41248ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda312, 319 [2012-2019] Hatchback2013-20190.9875ccm 80HP 59KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda312_, 319_ [2012-2019] Hatchback2014-20190.9 4×4875ccm 90HP 66KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda312_, 319_ [2012-2019] Hatchback2014-20191.3 D Multijet 4×41248ccm 80HP 59KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda519 [2012-2019] Box2012-20190.9875ccm 86HP 63KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda519 [2012-2019] Box2012-20190.9964ccm 65HP 48KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda519 [2012-2019] Box2012-20190.9 4×4875ccm 86HP 63KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda519 [2012-2019] Box2012-20191.21242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol)
FiatPanda519 [2012-2019] Box2012-20191.2 LPG1242ccm 69HP 51KW (Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG))
FiatPanda519 [2012-2019] Box2012-20191.3 D Multijet1248ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda519 [2012-2019] Box2012-20191.3 D Multijet 4×41248ccm 75HP 55KW (Diesel)
FiatPanda519, 319 [2012-2019] Hatchback2015-20190.9 Natural Power875ccm 80HP 59KW (Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG))
Mercedes-BenzSLC107 [1972-1984] Coupe1976-1981280 SLC2746ccm 177HP 130KW (Petrol)
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Mercedes-BenzSLC107 [1972-1984] Coupe1976-1980350 SLC3499ccm 195HP 143KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLC107 [1972-1984] Coupe1972-1976350 SLC3499ccm 200HP 147KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLC107 [1972-1984] Coupe1980-1981380 SLC3818ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
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Mercedes-BenzSLC107 [1972-1984] Coupe1975-1979450 SLC4520ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
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Mercedes-BenzSLC107 [1972-1984] Coupe1978-1980450 SLC 5.04973ccm 241HP 177KW (Petrol)
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Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1985-1989300 SL2960ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)
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Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1980-1981380 SL3818ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1980-1985380 SL3839ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1986-1989420 SL4196ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1986-1989420 SL4196ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1975-1980450 SL4520ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1972-1980450 SL4520ccm 224HP 165KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1986-1989500 SL4973ccm 223HP 164KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1980-1985500 SL4973ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1980-1981500 SL4973ccm 241HP 177KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1986-1989500 SL4973ccm 245HP 180KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR107 [1971-1989] Convertible1985-1989560 SL5547ccm 230HP 169KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1992-19945987ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1993-20012802799ccm 193HP 142KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1998-20012802799ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1989-1993300 SL2960ccm 190HP 140KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1989-1993300 SL24V2960ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1998-20013203199ccm 224HP 165KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1993-20013203199ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1998-20015004966ccm 306HP 225KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1992-20015004973ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1989-1992500 SL4973ccm 326HP 240KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible2000-200155 AMG5439ccm 354HP 260KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1997-200160 AMG5956ccm 381HP 280KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1992-20016005987ccm 394HP 290KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR129 [1989-2001] Convertible1999-2001SL 73 AMG7291ccm 525HP 386KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR198 [1957-1963] Convertible1957-1963300 SL2996ccm 215HP 158KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2008-20122802996ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2009-20123002996ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2006-20123503498ccm 272HP 200KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2008-20123503498ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2003-20123503724ccm 245HP 180KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2001-20125004966ccm 306HP 225KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2006-20125005461ccm 388HP 285KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2001-200255 AMG5439ccm 476HP 350KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2006-201255 AMG5439ccm 517HP 380KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2002-201255 AMG Kompressor5439ccm 500HP 368KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2003-20126005513ccm 500HP 368KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2006-20126005513ccm 517HP 380KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2008-201263 AMG6208ccm 525HP 386KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2004-201265 AMG5980ccm 612HP 450KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR230 [2001-2012] Convertible2008-201265 AMG Black Series5980ccm 670HP 493KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR231 [2012-2016] Convertible2012-20163503498ccm 306HP 225KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR231 [2012-2016] Convertible2012-20165004663ccm 435HP 320KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR231 [2012-2019] Convertible2014-20194002996ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR231 [2012-2019] Convertible2016-20194002996ccm 367HP 270KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR231 [2012-2019] Convertible2015-20195004663ccm 455HP 335KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR231 [2012-2019] Convertible2012-201963 AMG5461ccm 537HP 395KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR231 [2012-2019] Convertible2012-201963 AMG5461ccm 564HP 415KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR231 [2012-2019] Convertible2014-201963 AMG5461ccm 585HP 430KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLR231 [2012-2019] Convertible2012-201965 AMG5980ccm 630HP 463KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzSLW121 [1955-1963] Convertible1955-1963190 SL1897ccm 105HP 77KW (Petrol)
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RenaultCapturJ5_ [2013-2019] Hatchback2016-20191.2 TCE 1201197ccm 118HP 87KW (Petrol)
RenaultCapturJ5_ [2013-2019] Hatchback2013-20191.2 TCE 1201197ccm 120HP 88KW (Petrol)
RenaultCapturJ5_ [2013-2019] Hatchback2015-20191.5 dCi 1101461ccm 110HP 81KW (Diesel)
RenaultCapturJ5_ [2013-2019] Hatchback2013-20191.5 dCi 901461ccm 90HP 66KW (Diesel)
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ToyotaYaris/ViosZSP9_, NCP9_ [2005-2019] Saloon2007-20191.0998ccm 71HP 52KW (Petrol)
ToyotaYaris/ViosZSP9_, NCP9_ [2005-2019] Saloon2007-20191.3 4WD1298ccm 87HP 64KW (Petrol)
ToyotaYaris/ViosZSP9_, NCP9_ [2005-2019] Saloon2007-20191.51497ccm 109HP 80KW (Petrol)
ToyotaYaris/Vios_P15_ [2013-2019] Saloon2013-20191.51497ccm 109HP 80KW (Petrol)
ToyotaYaris/Vios_P9_ [2005-2018] Saloon2005-20141.31298ccm 87HP 64KW (Petrol)

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