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For Porsche Cayenne Air Ride Suspension Solenoid Valve Block 95535890300

For Porsche Cayenne Air Ride Suspension Solenoid Valve Block 95535890300

For Porsche Cayenne Air Ride Suspension Solenoid Valve Block 95535890300

For Porsche Cayenne Air Ride Suspension Solenoid Valve Block 95535890300

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£106.99 INC VAT | Free UK Delivery

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OEM Part Numbers :

7L0698014, 68087233AA, 68204398AA, 7P0616014, 97035815302, 95535890101, 95535890104, 95535890300, 95535890103, 95535890102, 7L8616007E, 7L8616007F, 4L0698007C

Valve Type : Pressure Control Valve

Fitting Position : Front Rear

Quantity : 1



If you are not sure about the part fitment to your vehicle,  please supply your VIN number Or REG NO we will check it for you!

Compatibility Chart is for the reference only. The best way to check compatibility is to check the Part Number on your old unit if possible.

Please check the picture or part No. before placing an order


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VWTouareg7LA, 7L6, 7L7 [2002-2010] SUV2004-20106.0 W125998ccm 450HP 331KW (Petrol)

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