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For Bmw 5 Series E60 E61 Front Suspension Wishbone Control Arms & Drop Links Kit

For Bmw 5 Series E60 E61 Front Suspension Wishbone Control Arms & Drop Links Kit

For Bmw 5 Series E60 E61 Front Suspension Wishbone Control Arms & Drop Links Kit

For Bmw 5 Series E60 E61 Front Suspension Wishbone Control Arms & Drop Links Kit

£102.99 INC VAT | Free UK Delivery

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£102.99 INC VAT | Free UK Delivery

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OEM Part Numbers :

31126774825, 31126774826, 31126765995, 31126765996, 31354014531, 31306781547, 31126760183, 31126760184, 31126768297, 31126768298, 31356769499, 31356760985, 31104026720

Fitting : Front Axle Lower Right & Left, Includes :Front Rear Control Arms : 2 Front Control Arms : 2Suspension Rods : 2, with bushes, joints and lock nuts, Qty : 6 Pieces of Arms+Drop links



If you are not sure about the part fitment to your vehicle,  please supply your VIN number Or REG NO we will check it for you!

Compatibility Chart is for the reference only. The best way to check compatibility is to check the Part Number on your old unit if possible.

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For the Following Cars :

BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2005-2008520d1995ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2005-2008520d1995ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2006-2009520d1995ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2007-2010520i1995ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2003-2010520i2171ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2004-2007523i2497ccm 177HP 130KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2007-2010523i2497ccm 190HP 140KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2004-2010525d2497ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2007-2010525d2993ccm 197HP 145KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2005-2009525i2497ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2007-2010525i2996ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2007-2009530d2993ccm 235HP 173KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2004-2007530i2996ccm 258HP 190KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2007-2009530i2996ccm 272HP 200KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2004-2010535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2007-2010535d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2005-2007540i4000ccm 306HP 225KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2005-2009550i4799ccm 367HP 270KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE60 [2001-2010] Saloon2004-2009M54999ccm 507HP 373KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2005-2008520d1995ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2005-2008520d1995ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2007-2010520d1995ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2007-2010520i1995ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2004-2007523i2497ccm 177HP 130KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2007-2010523i2497ccm 190HP 140KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2004-2010525d2497ccm 177HP 130KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2007-2010525d2993ccm 197HP 145KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2004-2010525i2494ccm 192HP 141KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2004-2010525i2497ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2007-2010525i2996ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2004-2010530d2993ccm 218HP 160KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2005-2010530d2993ccm 231HP 170KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2007-2010530d2993ccm 235HP 173KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2004-2007530i2996ccm 258HP 190KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2007-2010530i2996ccm 272HP 200KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2004-2010535d2993ccm 272HP 200KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2007-2010535d2993ccm 286HP 210KW (Diesel)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2004-2010545i4398ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2005-2010550i4799ccm 367HP 270KW (Petrol)
BMW5 SeriesE61 [2004-2010] Estate2007-2010M54999ccm 507HP 373KW (Petrol)

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