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2X Rear Tailgate Boot Gas Struts FOR Mercedes Vito/Mixto, Viano, Vito W639

2X Rear Tailgate Boot Gas Struts FOR Mercedes Vito/Mixto, Viano, Vito W639

Boot Parts 2X Rear Tailgate Boot Gas Struts FOR Mercedes Vito/Mixto, Viano, Vito W639

2X Rear Tailgate Boot Gas Struts FOR Mercedes Vito/Mixto, Viano, Vito W639

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£19.99 INC VAT | Free UK Delivery

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Cars : Mercedes-Benz

OEM Part Numbers :

639 980 01 64 / 6399800164 / A639 980 01 64 / A6399800164

Fitting Position : Rear Left & Right
Length : 667 mm Stroke: 238 mm

2X Rear Tailgate Boot Gas Struts FOR Mercedes Vito/Mixto

This high quality after market Tailgate Boot Gas Struts is the best choice for those looking for a reliable replacement with simple installation and quick delivery! This part is for Mercedes Vito/Mixto models

If you are not sure Tailgate Boot Gas Struts fitment to your vehicle, please supply your VIN number Or REG NO we will check it for you!

Compatibility Chart is for the reference only – The best way to check compatibility of the Tailgate Boot Gas Struts is to check the Part Number on your old unit.

Please check the picture or part No. before placing an order! if this isn’t the right part, you can look the right part in our Boot Shocks & Struts


Our SKU: TM6399800164x2
For the Following Cars :

Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2003-20193.23199ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2007-20193.53498ccm 258HP 190KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2004-20193.73724ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2010-2019CDi 2.02143ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2003-2019CDi 2.02148ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2005-2019CDi 2.02148ccm 116HP 85KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2010-2019CDi 2.0 4matic2143ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2005-2019CDi 2.0 4matic2148ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2010-2019CDi 2.22143ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2003-2019CDi 2.22148ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2010-2019CDi 2.2 4matic2143ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2005-2019CDi 2.2 4matic2148ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2006-2019CDi 3.02987ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVianoW639 [2003-2019] MPV2010-2019CDi 3.02987ccm 224HP 165KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2003-2019109 CDi2148ccm 88HP 65KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2006-2019109 CDi2148ccm 95HP 70KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2007-2019109 CDi 4×42148ccm 95HP 70KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2010-2019110 CDi2143ccm 95HP 70KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2003-2019111 CDi2148ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2007-2019111 CDi2148ccm 116HP 85KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2007-2019111 CDi 4×42148ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2010-2019113 CDi2143ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2010-2019113 CDi 4×42143ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2003-2019115 CDi2148ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2007-2019115 CDi 4×42148ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2010-2019116 CDi2143ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2010-2019116 CDi 4×42143ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2003-20191193199ccm 190HP 140KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2006-2019120 CDi2987ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2003-20191223199ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2010-2019122 CDi2987ccm 224HP 165KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2004-20191233724ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2007-20191263498ccm 258HP 190KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVitoW639 [2003-2019] Bus2012-2019E-CELL82HP 60KW (–)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2014] Box2004-20081233724ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2003-2019109 CDi2148ccm 88HP 65KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2006-2019109 CDi2148ccm 95HP 70KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2010-2019110 CDi2143ccm 95HP 70KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2003-2019111 CDi2148ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2007-2019111 CDi2148ccm 116HP 85KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2007-2019111 CDi 4×42148ccm 109HP 80KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2010-2019113 CDi2143ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2010-2019113 CDi 4×42143ccm 136HP 100KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2003-2019115 CDi2148ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2006-2019115 CDi 4×42148ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2010-2019116 CDi2143ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2010-2019116 CDi 4×42143ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2003-20191193199ccm 190HP 140KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2006-2019120 CDi2987ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2003-20191223199ccm 218HP 160KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2010-2019122 CDi2987ccm 224HP 165KW (Diesel)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2007-20191263498ccm 258HP 190KW (Petrol)
Mercedes-BenzVito/MixtoW639 [2003-2019] Box2012-2019E-CELL82HP 60KW (–)

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